Another Great Experience

My Baba is in USA right now and I am in India. My belief in him increases minute by minute, second by second..

I am ill. I’m at seeing the doctor, and undergoing various tests. While undergoing all these tests, I’m praying and remembering my Babasai. And soon what I get ?? I get a call from him, asking how am I ??

This is what I call connection. There is something in this universe which sends messages to our loved ones, to our guru, to our family and friends.. God is in my Guru. God is in my Babasai.. Baba Hansram. Jai ho jai ho. I’m so great full to be blessed with a Guru. My strength .


Trust him

once I was all set to return to my hometown from the Ashram. Time was running and we could not meet our Baba sai. It was clear that we r going to miss the bus. To our astonishment, we got a call from the authorities that the bus has been cancelled. After an hour BABA sai came down from his room. I narrated him the whole incidence and noticed his ever so mysterious smile, As if he knew everything. Within minutes we had a better option, there was a cab ready on the main gate for our journey.

Miracles do happen. Jai jai Baba sai.